Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I Must

I stare out of my bedroom window and let the cool evening breeze blow in the wonders of outside. Crisp night air mixes with the stuffy heat trapped inside my room. I can feel it swarming around just as strange emotions constantly stir in my heart and soul.

There is the ever longing for life to just say how it is, and me how I am, but that is at constant battle with my desire to go out and change the world. Then again, maybe it's just my world I need to focus on. But what I am certain of, is my desire to write. There is a strong desire to get into a habit of consistent writing and sharing of ideas along with disciplined reading of the Bible, novels, and non-fiction works to further my education. Writing is something I need to do, something I must do, just as I must breath in air. Words are my oxygen. Yet not just any words, words with meaning. I live for meaning--to dig up the deeper meaning, share it, and taste from the findings of others as well.

We were not made for just the day-to-day life. We were created for something deeper--something bigger. And we were each created with unique gifts in order to pursue and fulfill this greater purpose. We must use these gifts and seek out what we were designed for! I must live deeper, think deeper, love deeper. I must.

I must write.

Or as surely as the flowers of this earth, I will wither away.